The Tooth Fairy (Peppersmith Mints)

On Monday I brought you The Tooth Breaker Caramel, so for the balance of protecting your pearly whites, today I bring the delights of Peppersmith mints! I am a huge fan of all things garlic base so always have a packet of chewing gum or mints in my bag so not to offend the nostrils of people around me.  I’m also the friend that will alwys be asked if I have a packet of gum or mints to share around. There isn’t anything worse than popping in a piece of gum or mint and the flavour only lasts for a couple of minutes.Well the great thing about Peppersmith mints, they pack a punch for a long time  as they contain high quality real mint and no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or aspartame. What’s more they’ve also been accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation for being great for teeth.

I have shocking teeth and unfortunately my teeth like to crumble, so I’ve been advised to have two of Peppersmith mints after eating to reduce my risk of cavities. The mints are 100% Xylitol which is a polyol, not only looks after your teeth but also a lot lower in calories than normal sugar. Bonza. So not only great tasting but also the Tooth Fairy won’t have to visit as much. So load up your bag with these beauties today. Check out the range that they also for kids to protect their gnashers.


(I was sent these to review for free but all my opinions and views are my own)

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