FoodNerd’s 5 Top Meaty Treats In London {Review – Eating in London}

From my many posts, you may be aware that I am not in fact a vegetarian. I do enjoy vegetarian food, don’t get me wrong. But I also love a rare slab of steak.  Meltingly tender confit duck leg. A mountain of pastrami and would hunt down the perfect pork crackling from across the lands. Meat is good. Meat is Marvellous. I’ve put together some of my favourite meaty hot spots in the capital for you all to go and get a meaty fix. So in no particular order…drum roll, please……

Duck and Waffle

It wouldn’t be a must visit list without a mention of my favourite restaurant. Duck and Waffle have been praised on this blog many times, here, here, here, here and here. And what’s not to like? The ultra sexy signature dish of  a fluffy waffle topped with a crispy and tender confit leg of duck, a perfectly cooked fried duck egg and topped with lashings of mustard maple syrup. Perfection.

Duck and Waffle at Duck and Waffle, London

Don’t fancy duck, then how about BBQ Spiced crispy pigs ears. Served in a brown bag with the Duck and Waffle wax seal, was crispy thin strips of fried pig ears with the most delicious bbq seasoning, that was slightly sweet but packed a smoky punch.

BBQ Spiced Crispy Pigs Ears, Duck and Waffle, London

Another must try dish is The Spiced Ox Cheek Doughnut with Apricot Jam. Rolled in a sweet, smoky sugar, meaty, meaty middle and served with smooth apricot that just made the whole dish unmissable.

The Spiced Ox Cheek Doughnut with Apricot Jam, Duck and Waffle, London

Meaty breakfast? Then why not get the Fat Boy PBJ in your life? A thick wedge of toasted brioche spread liberally with creamy peanut butter, strawberry jam, fresh banana slices all with a glorious crown of a perfectly runny fried duck egg and maple glazed bacon. Say What??? It’s bloody delicious and the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Fat Boy PBJ, Duck and Waffle, London

Sure there are incredible vegetarian options on the menu but when the meaty options are so sexy, there’s no question what I’m ordering.


I have great friends that love food and are so unpretentious that when I say I want to go to eat a huge platter of meat, their answer is, ‘When are we going?’ MEATliquor is exactly the place to go with people that you don’t mind spending half the meal with buffalo wing sauce and burger juices running down your face as you speak to them.

The Bingo Wings are a fiery pile of juicy chicken wings bathed in hot pepper sauce served with intense blue cheese dip and the overlooked celery and carrot sticks. Damn, they were good. I would have been happy if they just kept bringing trays of these bad boys out. The fire goes deep with these little devils which had me addicted to them.

The Bingo Wings, MEATLiquor, London

Bacon Cheeseburger is the bomb as everything in life is better with bacon. Juicy burger, strong cheese, flamed grilled bacon, plenty of pickles and best of all no warm soggy limp sorry for itself tomato slice. I think I’ve found my favourite burger.

Bacon Cheese Burger, MEATLiquor, London

Below is the disgusting about of food I and three girls ploughed through. Cheese fries, chilli cheese fries and Phili cheese fries, as well as hot dogs and burgers. Animals.  But it’s not just about quantity. The quality was really high too, which you don’t get from some of the other American-inspired places. I”m super excited for MEATliquor to come to Bristol and being only 10 minutes away from those Bingo Wings.

 MEATLiquor, London

Flesh and Buns

I mean it’s there in the name isn’t it?!?! Not the buns part…..FLESH AND BUNS!!! What’s better than getting a streamer with the delicious soft pillow Bao buns and stuffing them with mountains of crispy Duck Leg with Sour plum soy and beetroot pickle and Crispy Piglet Belly with Mustard miso and pickled apple.  I damn those are sexy. Just look at them and drool. On the sibling grapevine, I heard from my bro that the Korean fried wings are insane too. Double Drool. God I love those meaty buns…ahem…

Steamed Buns at Flesh and Buns, London Confit Duck Leg at Flesh and Buns, London Confit Duck Leg at Flesh and Buns, London Pork Belly at Flesh and Buns, London Pork Belly at Flesh and Buns, London


There are times I wished I lived in New York. Obviously for the cool reasons but mainly for the deli’s. God, I loved the Jewish deli’s out there, not pretentious just super good quality in unapologetic huge portions. Back on UK soil, I dream of jaw breaking Reuben’s and Salt Beef sandwiches. I have found my homeland in London. Mishkin’s is self-described as ‘a kind-of Jewish deli with cocktails’, sounds perfect. Actually sounds better than New York delis. The first time I drank a lot of Gin Fizz’s and shared two HUGE toasted Reubens with pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & thousand island dressing of course on rye and Brick Lane Salt Beef sandwich with Colman’s & pickles and the fat left on.  Meat heaven.

Salted Beef and Pickle Mountain at Mishkin's, London

Toasted Reuben at Mishkin's, London

The second time I went with my cousins I went for the special, a Reuben Burger. Say What?!? A soft chewy bagel topped with a tender burger, crisp sauerkraut, thick juicy slices of salt beef and then a delicious amount of melted Swiss cheese. Served with a bowl of Russian dressing to dunk the crispy onion rings and East-end Chips (chips with skin on) in. I also went for a side of pickles too as I’m that kind of girl.

Reuben Burger at Mishkin's, London

I want to go back again for the special of Duck Hash & Egg, sounds bloody epic!

Salt Yard & Barbecoa

The last two are more of a wish list to visit the actual restaurants. I recently tried Salt Yard and Barbecoa at Taste of London and their meat dishes were definitely stand out for me. The Iberico pork ribs with quince glaze and caramelised cauliflower purée from Salt Yard. The purée was silk with the smoky, meaty hunks of ribs balancing on top. Dreamy.

Iberico Pork Ribs from Salt Yard, London

And from Barbecoa Smoked Short Rib with Worcestershire glaze and horseradish mash. I can’t convey to you how perfectly cooked this beef was. I stared at it and it just fell apart (this may not be accurate…) but my god with the mash. Hubba Hubba. Just perfection in beefy form. The depth of flavour was insane and done so simply. A*.

Barbecoa Smoked Short Rib

Where should I try out to add to my meat treat list?

(I wasn’t paid to review these places, I just love sharing great food!)

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