Light Up The Fire {Recipe – Spitfire Barbecue, Bristol}

As the weather is starting to warm up and the evenings getting longer, the delicious smell of charring meats dancing along in the warm breeze. That’s right it’s barbecue season! Which means the levels of meatiness in my life sky rockets.

Last week I tried out Spitfire Barbecue on the edge of Bristol harbour when there was a glimmer of sun light with two meat minded friends. There may of been many whatsapp messages back and forth before the meal to decide what to order, which turned into just copying out the menu to each other as to what we wanted to try.

We tried on three main dishes and then all got stuck in to the meatiness so there wouldn’t be any jealous looks across the table.

Firstly was the Spitfire Ribs, which we went for a big portion (comes in small, big and huge), dusted in their own Pitfire rub, smoked low and slow for 15 hours. The cut was one I hadn’t seen that often, of the pork ribs with the belly still attached to it. Resulting in a insane amount of meat on the ribs that just slipped right off the bones. The smoke flavour gets right into the flesh and the fat from the belly over the low cooking process basted the meat below. Delicious.

IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7105

We also got a kilo of the Spitfire Wings with Chipotle glaze. I love me some wings, they are my weakness. These were juicy and tender but for my the glaze was a bit lacking in flavour for me. Not to say they didn’t polished off in a lightening amount of time.

IMG_7106 IMG_7110

Lastly was our favourite dish, Texan Rib Tips – Full flavoured trimmings from the St Louis ribs, smoked low and slow covered in Spitfire Texan style spice then smothered in a delicious BBQ sauce. I mean these charred beauties are something else. Deep deep meat flavour with so much smoke. I need to have a whole plate of these in a darken room to myself. Tasty nuggets.


The aftermath and bone yard


Unfortunately we were so full of smoked meat that we couldn’t attempt to fit in a dessert, even if the bourbon pecan pie was calling me. It’s fair to say we needed to wash our faces after as I wouldn’t of been surprised if we had BBQ sauce behind our ears.  Bring on BBQ season!


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