Bristol Street Food Revolution & Being Very Greedy {Review – Eating In Bristol}

Being relatively new to Bristol, I’m still pleasantly surprised when there is a lot going on on the weekends and not the usual farmers market or council event. As I’m now so taken by Bristol, I’m slowly persuading friends from home that they too should move to the West Country capital. 

Luckily my best friend from home and fellow greedy foodie has recently found a job and place in Bristol, which means she helps so I don’t look as much of a sad loser on my own taking pictures of my food and making notes on my phone to what it actually is. (I have a shorter memory span than an average goldfish!) 

But I’m a bad friend, I flounce away most weekends to the bright lights and allure of London, or off in Europe somewhere of a weekend getaway or doing family duty, so never really in Bristol on the weekends to help my friend explore Bristol – boo hisssss…..

But by the shear chance of it, the first weekend I was around in Bristol for for two months, there was a street food festival in the nice fancy bit of Cabot’s Circus. Having been naughty and not had breakfast that morning, I was really to get properly stuck in! 

There was a nice buzz about the place and with around 10 different street carts, from Bryon burgers, kedgeree, frozen yoghurt and stone baked pizza’s. I love me some street food, I dream of the holiday to road trips across America stopping at little t-mex carts for soft tacos then moving on to the next hidden gem. 

As a warm up, I swung pass the Big Apple Hot Dogs who I had heard a lot of people raving about on twitter, but always seemed to miss them on my many visits to London, so very pleased to get a chance to try them out. The have four different sausages and a far cry from the cheap hot dogs from fairs and cinemas. The dogs are poached then finished off on the hot plate to crisp then delicious natural casings- I went for the Pimp Steak, which using high quality beef and pork, blended with garlic, black pepper and paprika, was probably the best dog I’ve had. Still juicy in the middle, not tough and nicely blended herbs. I was a bit feral and went for grilled onions, ketchup and gherkins on mine, which maybe should of been missed out to not mask any of the lovely flavours, but hey when in Rome. The only slight down side for me was the bun, on their website they mention they are made by a local baker for them. It was nice and didn’t detract from the sausage but it didn’t add anything either. But saying that next time I’m in London, will be trying again when pining over New York. 

Sausages a go-go
Love a good sausage…

After such a meat feast, a sweet treat was in order and as my friend is vegetarian, she needed a treat after watching me demolish the hot dog in front of her! So we went to Daisy Green Frozen Yoghurt . My friend works next to Cabot Circus managed to try them out on her lunch break on the Friday and made me so jealous she had tried some on a scorching day while I was stuck in a test kitchen with no windows! Unfortunately they had ran out of caramelised bacon which tickled my fancy, so went for the classic of crushed Oeros and my friend went healthy-ish flaked almonds and chocolate sauce. Very rarely does a frozen yoghurt actually taste rich and like real ice cream as it tends to be watery and lack the richness I want from my sweet treats. But these deliver! Massive Yum!

Clawing our cups of goodness

But we weren’t done there, oh no we weren’t! It was time for……BUBBLE TEA!! Having never tried it before and my friend mentioning how she had tried it once whilst travelling, I had to give it a go! To admit to something really girlie, I was also drawn to the baby blue truck they were serving out of as it matched my kitchen aid colour! There was quite a queue which when it comes to food, I take as a very good sign. Cupp Tea Bar , the first UK mobile bubble tea bar, was definitely a revelation, I went for traditional bubble tea, with tapioca pearls, green tea, mango and passion fruit popping pearls and my friend went for a soya strawberry bubble tea with tapioca pearls and coconut jelly. (phew… a longer ordering list than ordering breakfast in an unforgiving American diner!) 

I loved the popping pearls of the passion fruit juice and was slurping the drink down too fast to get to the pearls. Need to hunt them down again! 
Strawberry sweety
After that, we needed to curl up on the sofa and watch a Ryan Gosling film to digest before starting to get ready for the next meal…..    
Cute Cupp Tea Bar
My pearly delight

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    I want some bubble tea now!!!


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