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MOOOve Over {Review – The Cowshed, Bristol}

I realised the the last couple of posts have been very sweet orientated and needed to rectify this. After all there  Being new to Bristol, I had to do my research and ask around my work friends and the consensus place for a Sunday…

Oh Easter Bunny! {Travel – Bruges, Brussels & Recipe – Chocolate Brownies}

This might sound a bit big-headed but I’d like to think that I’m unique and don’t always follow the trend to some degree. But when it comes to loving chocolate, I’m a sheep.  Since a young age, chocolate was amazing! Any form…

My Little Pudding {Recipe – Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes}

Okay, confession time. I have a lot of cookery books, okay not a lot, a hell of a lot. It’s an obsession and I need help. Hello, I’m FoodNerd and I have a cookery book problem.Especially lots of little pudding recipe books. …

Homemade Pastrami aka THE BEAST! {Recipe – Homemade Pastrami}

I thought I would give making homemade pastrami a go after recently visiting New York for the second time. We went to Carnegie Hall Deli the home to the most amazing pastrami on rye sandwiches. You have the option to…

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