January Foodie Penpals

January is a bit of a funny month. No one has any money, all on a diets and the weather is rubbish. Which is why I was happy the Foodie Penpal scheme was up and running again after taking a month off for Christmas.

I had Sophie over at the fabulous The Cake Hunter blog, check it out, it has a beautiful design and the cakes Sophie creates make me drool on my keyboard!

From a recent trip to London, I stopped by my favourite chocolatier Paul A Young in Soho. I love this shop so much, the platter of the incredible truffles, the bubbling pot of rich hot chocolate and assault of chocolate on your senses. I really want to go on one of their day courses but might have to save a bit more to do it,  as unfortunately I don’t think I could get away with claiming the course for my work expenses!

Which ones to choose???

Which ones to choose???

I tried their Easter brownie last time I went and it rocked my world. So happy to see they had another great flavour to try out – Sea Salt Caramel, Pecan and Condensed Milk. Oh my…. Must admit I bought one for myself to try and it’s fair to say – I’m in LOVE! Dense and fudgy, everything you could possibly want in a brownie. I also got Sophie a 100% Madagascan chocolate bar to try out. The shop assistant said it has a great flavour whilst being intense.

I also got Sophie a bag of Hungarian paprika and spoon from my recent trip to Budapest . Thought it would make a nice addition to a parcel and bring some warmth into these cold months. Same with the little bottle of Tabasco sauce, I’ve recently become addicted to the fiery sauce to liven up dull soups for lunch.

Based on Sophie’s brilliant blog, I thought she would like some edible cake glitter to bring some sparkles to some of her creations. In the pass I have gone a little crazy with this stuff and ended up looking a bit like disco ball!

Lastly, I included a small heart tin of the gorgeous Lahloo English Peppermint tea. When I went there for the first time back in October, I knew I had to come back, stock up and spread the news of this amazing tea. Forget the peppermint teabags from the supermarkets- they are the pathetic dust that has been shown the peppermint leaves, compared to this tea. (Too much bigging up ?? No try it!) I love Lahloo and planning on trying out their tempting afternoon tea as soon as I stop fleeing to London on the weekends and actually stay in Bristol for once.

Check out Sophie’s blog to see if she liked her parcel.

Sophie's Bounty

Sophie’s Bounty

Sarah, over at The WW Foodie sent me a brilliant box, full of lovely treats.

Sarah's Perfect Parcel

Sarah’s Perfect Parcel

Must admit the first thing I tucked in was the Rococo Cardamom Chocolate bar. It was dark and the cardamom was subtle that developed on your palate. Also a great little treat to have in my desk drawer when I need a pick me up! (But don’t tell anyone!)

There was also some green tea noodles and dried shrimp, which I can’t wait to make a huge ramen with and experiment with making my own thai curry pastes.

There was also a taste of Yorkshire where Sarah is from, in the form of some Wensleydale Cheese and Caramelised Carrot Chutney. I would like to say I used them to create a complex dinner and new taste experience, but you know what, I bought some nice crackers from my local deli and my house mate and myself just worked through the lot.

Am I ashamed? No. Would I do it again? Hell ya!

Thank you Sarah for such a good foodie parcel!


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7 Responses to “January Foodie Penpals”

  1. Wow! What an awesome box 🙂

  2. Looks like a great box

  3. I’m a big fan of chutney. Never seen that combo before.

  4. My box was so good, I can’t stop thinking about that brownie! The box you got looks great aswell, especially that chutney.

  5. you’ve almost talked me into joining foodie pen pals again… i quit when i found hardly anyone commented on posts – what’s the point if you don’t connect with anyone. but both your boxes look fantastic… hm…..

    • Hi Kristy,

      I know what you mean, sometimes it can be hard if the person doesn’t get in contact or even mention that they got the parcel. But really worth it when you get someone who really gets the scheme and you get the chance to get some nice things that you know they will really appreciate it. Give it another go!


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