Who is this FoodNerd?

1794592_10152276042614493_1631893352_n – What makes you such a food nerd and not just someone who likes food?

I actually have a degree in Food Science and Technology, making me officially a food scientist and work as a New Product Developer. This means on a daily basis I get to wear a sexy hair net, lab coat and play with recipes whilst making sure they work in the factory to end up on UK supermarket shelves for every one to enjoy. I work for a premium food company so get to work with some lovely ingredients. I was a guest on the At The Sauce podcast, listen here, to hear more from me explaining my job and how I got to be a product developer.

– You seem to go on lot’s of holidays and trips, do you ever rest your passport? 

“Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”- Ibn Battuta” I adore to travel. I was very fortunate growing up that my parents fuelled my love for travel and worked incredibly hard for our family to experience the joys of travelling. I think food and travel goes hand in hand and love discovering new places, cultures and importantly new food!

– Really, how many cookery books does one girl own??

Oh hmmm… this is a hard one and the number isn’t static. Below is a selection, they are double stacked so another row behind those ones and there are another two piles next to the shelves. I’m just addicted to getting new ones and trying out new recipes from them. I’m currently using Eat Your Books to work through them.

Yes that is a lot of books and yep that's a picture of Bill F-ing Murray there too.

Yes that is a lot of books and yep that’s a picture of Bill F-ing Murray there too.

– How did you get in to food and blogging?

At the start of 2012 I was working on developing a lot savoury products for work, which meant I really didn’t want to look at any pastry dishes at home so in turn stopped doing as much baking. I started the blog as a way to get back into cooking and baking fun things for my friends. Also I was eating at some really nice restaurants and wanted to save my experiences.

– You spend a lot of time in London, do you live there? 

Hell no! Actually the other side of the country but have lots of great friends and family who live there and they are always tempting me over for a visit to a new foodie hot spot to try out. Maybe one day I will and will save a fortune on train fare.

–  Ok so what’s the worst thing you’ve ever made?

At school for one of my GCSE Food practical’s I made an Orange and Ginger crème brûlée. I miss read the recipe and instead of adding 3 tsp of gelatine, I added 3 sachets. It had the texture of a bouncy ball and the ginger was raw so fiery. I think it might of been the only dish I’ve made that my parents haven’t managed to finish. Always read your recipes!!

– What dish or bake are you most proud of?

I was asked by my wonderful brother to make his wedding cake. He was also marrying one of my best friends so it was an offer I couldn’t pass up. I had made a wedding cake for my next door neighbour when I was 13 so knew the pressure involved but it was so much more this time! I was really proud of the clean appearance of the cake and the non traditional colour, which matched beautifully with the bridesmaids dresses. Check out how I made it here. photo 13 – What secret talent do you have?

The superpower of being very clumsy at a high frequency throughout the day. Normally bumping into things, knocking over pots of gravy, dropping baking trays full of cookies.

– Have you always baked and cooked? 

Yes! Both my grandmothers where great bakers, which I think my love for baking cakes came from and my mum always made fabulous birthday cakes and meals for us. I’ve been lucky that I’ve always been encouraged to be in the kitchen and try out new recipes. You could say it’s in my genes!

Any other burning questions you have for me, drop me a line!

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