Foodie Follow Friday – Week 6

Week 6 of Foodie Follow Friday! Week 6! How is everyone doing? Getting drinks and ice creams ready for 5 o’clock? I know I am! Off to try Shake Shack tomorrow with my cousins in London which I can’t wait! We’ve been checking out the menu weeks in advance, is that bad that I already know what I want to order down to my sides and drink?!?

Right down to business-

1. Bakers Royale

I’m guessing Naomi has a lot of friends and family offering to be her guinea pig for her. All her recipes on her site just makes me want to whip out my spatula and get baking. I love the different takes on desserts and recipes such as a recent post of Banana Split Eclairs, Snickers and Brownie Pavlova and my personally favourite named recipe Man-Whore Bars. A brief description of these bars would be – drumroll please – a chocolate chip cookie crust, ganache, Rice Krispie Treat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreos, more Rice Krispie and then to finish things off is a layer of ganache and crushed chocolate chip cookies. Yep that’s right. All beautifully photographed, go on give your eyes and stomach a treat.

Source - Bakers Royale

Source – Bakers Royale

 2. The Other Crumb

The Fonut  or cronut or doissant have become studdenly really big in the food world. Cross between a doughnut and a crossiant, its a winning combination. (I’m still waiting to try one at The Duck and Waffle!) At The Other Crumb, Katrina has given the new trend a great flavour combination, a Turkish delight and pistachio version. Using a rosewater glaze with Turkish delight cream and chopped vibrant green pistachio’s with pale pink glaze over the fried dough, sounds pretty special to me. Also check out her wonderful cookery book here,  mines on order!

Source - The Other Crumb

Source – The Other Crumb

 3. How Sweet It Is

I have a good friend called Bernie, not her real name, she has a nice real name, for some reason we call each other boys names. Well Bernie’s snack of choice after a couple of drinks is popcorn. Others go for kebabs, burgers and general trashy food – not our Bernie. Salty Popcorn. So I love it when I come upon lots of popcorn recipes, as Bernie is visiting in a couple of weeks and want some popcorn treats ready for her. There’s too many to choose from, smokey bacon popcorn with burnt sugar and sea salt, buttered popcorn crunch brownies (below), white chocolate lavender vanilla popcornmovie theatre candy chocolate bark or peanut butter popcorn granola bites. Too much choice – will have to make them all!

Source - How Sweet It Is

Source – How Sweet It Is

4. The Beeroness

This is quite the job title. On this site is a fantastic collection of recipes using all sorts of beers in a wide range of recipes. Chocolate Stout Cheesecake  Fudgesicle anyone? Or how about Pineapple Pale Ale Cream Cheese Tart ? Something savoury, Chilli Beer Chicken Wings?  Beer and Bacon Jam? All sounds amazing.

Source - The Beeroness

Source – The Beeroness

5. Dulces Bocados

What I love about food is that it is truly international. I stumbled on this Spanish blog through pinterest awhile back and been following her ever since. Once again the beautiful looking pictures drawn me in. Called Sweet Snacks in Spanish you know you are in for a treat. With mouth watering pastries such as Brioche Twist with Chocolate and Finnish Pulla filled with Creme Brulee. To Chocolates like Saffron and Passion Fruit Truffles and Speculoos truffles . Treats like Mini Funnel Cakes (which I love from my visits to Florida) and Cannoli edged with chocolate and mascarpone cheese. Delicious!

Source - Dulces Bocados

Source – Dulces Bocados

Lastly, A Tune I’m Cooking To At The Moment

Another week of amazing weather here in the UK, has mean I have been blearing music from my car with my windows down, enjoying the sun. One particular tune that sounds amazing in the sunshine and very loud is Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen. Great tune! Happy weekend!


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