Foodie Follow Friday – Week 4

Hi there Foodies! It’s that time of the week again to share the blog love with Foodie Follow Friday! As ever get in touch for ones I’ve missed or if you want to be featured next week. Happy Friday!

1. Shutterbean

I follow a lot of blogs on bloglovin’ as I love the like post feature so I can bookmark all the beautiful dishes people are creating out there. The most liked posts per blog award goes to Shutterbean. I think I like every post. You would of seen Tracy’s pictures all on pintrest as they as a thing of beautify. Again before I started using bloglovin’, I would scour pintrest for more Shutterbean pictures for inspiration This weekend I try her Earl Grey Chocolate Cake. Beautiful!

Source - Shutterbean

Source – Shutterbean

2.  The Food in my Beard

Who wouldn’t want to check out this blog just based on the name alone?!?! Dan has brought you such genius recipes as Nacho Burgers , Bacon Bourbon Brownies, Ancho -Coffee Braised Short Ribs and one of my particular favourites – Lucky Charm Cheesecake.  Say whhhhat son?!? That’s right- a Lucky Charm CHEESECAKE! Oh it’s so on.

Source - The Food in my Beard

Source – The Food in my Beard

3. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls

Another great named blog as well as being a fantastic place to find a new cool spot to try out in London. I was check them out when arranging a party or foodie meet up with the girls. Restaurants, bars and speakeasies reviews and hidden gems, to help you keep your finger on the pulse of London scene- what more do you want!

Source - Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls

Source – Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls

 4. Bake in Black

I may flounce around some times and may listen to some questionable pop/ rnb tunes at work. But having an older brother growing up meant I grew to love the music blaring through the bedroom walls, such as Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine and much more obscure heavy metal bands like Goat Whore. And from the Captain Oddball (dad) Thin Lizzy, David Bowie and the other classics. So when I found Bake in Black combining love of heavy metal and cakes – I new I would love it.  With cleverly thought out recipes like Thin Lizzy: Whisky in the Bar,  Meat Loaf : Battenburg Out of Hell and my favourite Ozzy Osboure : Bark at the Moon – Chocolate bark with malted biscuits and astronaut ice cream. Genius.

Source - Bake in Black

Source – Bake in Black

5. Food Fables

I was matched with Fay of Food Fables back in November last year for Foodie Penpal scheme and been following her cool blog since. Like me she’s been on quite a few cookery courses recently including ones to make your own sausages (?!?) and Chinese dumplings, which has me reaching for my credit card to book on to them too! She’s has lots of restaurant reviews for the North of England which is great as not so London focused like most blogs (including my own!) as I think it’s easy to foget there are great restaurants outside of London. Also check out her recipe for Rolo Cupcakes – nom!

Source - Food Fables

Source – Food Fables

Lastly, A Tune I’m Cooking To At The Moment

I love Jessie Ware. I saw her earlier this year at Bristol Academy and totally rocked it. Catch up on her performance at this years Glastonbury, it will have you dancing around your lounge like it did for me and my housemates, whilst belting out singing hoping to sound like Jessie (we did not). And she’s a total babe. Get some Jessie in your life!



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