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Cousins Take On Copious Cupcakes {Review – Cupcake and Macaron Tour, London}

My cousins and I enjoy a sweet treat or six. So when my cousin kindly invited us to join her on a cupcake and macaron walking tour around London there was only one answer- YES!!! The tour started off in a refined location of Ladurée in Covent Garden. Inventor of the sandwiched macaron, Parisian institute and such a beautiful start to the tour. A must on any foodie bucket list. A perfect breakfast of... read more

Sing Up To The Heavens with Heavenly Nectar {Review – Three Choirs Vineyard, Newent}

A stone throws away from my parents home and where I grew up is one of the largest vineyard in England. Three Choirs Vineyard, so named of the choral festival in the Cotswold’s between the three choirs at the cathedrals of Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester, there is a micro climate that makes it perfect to make beautiful English wines. For my parents birthday this year we arranged for a spot of... read more

Passing the Bar and Getting Down to the Grind {Review – Bean to Bar Chocolate Course, Hotel Chocolat, London}

At the end of October, I left my first job from university. A company I had been with for the past four years and where I had learnt many work-related lessons and lifelong friends. It was a tough choice to make to leave but I knew I needed to move on to a new exciting land to learn more of the wonderful world of the food industry. They kindly gave me the gift of money to take myself off to a cookery... read more

Taking the Biscuit {Review – Biscuiteers, London}

It’s been a while but the cousins are BACK! And this time we’re decorating biscuits. God help us all! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a meet up , get a bit crazy, have a big meal and attempt a cookery course. The home of this cousin meet up? The beautiful Biscuteers in Notting Hill. An utterly beautiful shop full to the brim with delicious and delicately decorated biscuits.... read more

Bonjour Ma Petite Pâtisserie {Review – French Bakery Course, London}

I told you I was accidentally doing a breakfast theme week and it continues today with the flounciest items on any breakfast table. The French dominate when it comes to breakfast. I want to thank the genius who introduced chocolate to the already rich butter-laden pastry to create the pain au chocolat . Thank you, Sir, thank you, Madame.  I applaud you for your contributions to breakfast time. There is... read more

Cutest Cupcake In Town {Review – Cupcake Decorating at Primrose Bakery, London}

This is the third instalment of Cookery Courses with Cousins, which would actually make an interesting cookery programme! The first two was with my cousin Katherine, Rococo Easter Egg Decorating and Paul. A Young Brownie Masterclass. This time we had our two other cousins Sonia and Georgia to join in the fun too. On a sunny Sunday morning, we made our way to Covent Garden, to Primrose Bakery. With our... read more

Rocking At Rococo {Review -Easter Egg Decorating, Rococo, London}

This post is a tad late. I know Easter was about a month ago and by now you’re well and truly had your fill of chocolate eggs…or maybe you haven’t like me. Recently, I’ve been doing lots of cookery courses with my cousin such as the Paul A Young Brownie Master Class but also having afternoon teas like the Matilda theme one, which has been fantastic. I work a lot with savoury food... read more

We’re Not Worthy! We’re Not Worthy! {Review – Paul A.Young Brownie Master Class}

From some of my past posts, you’ll know that I’m constantly in London. I don’t live there, I live in Bristol, 118 miles from my favourite chocolate shop of all time. Big claim you may think but so true when you try out these brownies. My love goes back to last Easter when I tried a Simnel Brownie and it BLEW MY MIND! Of course, these amazing brownies could only be from the one place... read more


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