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Brownies to End a Chapter {Recipe – Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies}

Today is my last day at a job that I’ve been in for the last four years, fresh from university. I’m not sure how I feel about it all yet, to be honest. Sad and nervous to leave good friends, a job that has been a great learning experience and home for the last couple of years. But also excited and nervous about starting a great new job with new people and setting. As you can tell there’s... read more

Be the Best of the Best {Recipe – Dulce de Leche and Sea Salt Brownies}

I love films and have watched quite a few over the years, some greats some might not be seen as a cinematic great. I may lose readers when I say that I’ve never seen Star Wars ….or Lord of the Rings… oops. And up until two weeks ago, I had never seen Top Gun either. A guy I work with was very confused by this and insisted constantly that I should see it. Well, luckily my friend held her... read more

Bad Day Brownies {Recipe – Nutella and Peanut Butter Brownies}

We all have them. Those days when you think, why didn’t I just pull my duvet over my head and stay there? I’m lucky that it doesn’t happen that often as I try to be a positive person but sometimes you need is BROWNIES! This base recipe is from my master class with Paul Young, that I attended a few months ago at Fortnum and Mason. Not that they need them, but I added some extras to make... read more

We’re Not Worthy! We’re Not Worthy! {Review – Paul A.Young Brownie Master Class}

From some of my past posts, you’ll know that I’m constantly in London. I don’t live there, I live in Bristol, 118 miles from my favourite chocolate shop of all time. Big claim you may think but so true when you try out these brownies. My love goes back to last Easter when I tried a Simnel Brownie and it BLEW MY MIND! Of course, these amazing brownies could only be from the one place... read more

Oh Easter Bunny! {Travel – Bruges, Brussels & Recipe – Chocolate Brownies}

This might sound a bit big-headed but I’d like to think that I’m unique and don’t always follow the trend to some degree. But when it comes to loving chocolate, I’m a sheep.  Since a young age, chocolate was amazing! Any form would do from milk buttons, Bounty’s, galaxy, you name it I would love it. I’m pleased to say it has taken 24 years (yes I am that age even though... read more


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