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Taking A Chocolate Flight {Review – Zara’s Chocolates, Bristol}

With the weather having a nip in the air, I went on a hunt for the best hot chocolate in Bristol. The hunt was quickly over with one stop to Zara’s Chocolates. If you’ve been following my Instagram for a…


Festive Twist {Recipe – Stollen Brownies}

I made a version of these spiced, vine fruit studded and marzipan topped brownies at Easter for a Simnel Cake twist but the internet gods weren’t looking down too kindly at the blog, as when I updated my hosting, I…


Love is Sweet {Recipe – Marshmallow Wedding Favours}

I was lucky to be invited to two beautiful weddings this Summer. Both I was kindly asked to make sweet elements to their sweet days. I made for my lovely friend Jude, the wedding favours for everyone’s table setting at…


Let Me Tell You A Story {Review – Story, London}

I managed to celebrate my 30th birthday like a queen. I managed to spread out the celebrations for a whole year. One of my amazing gifts was a generous meal at Story in London, from my gorgeous girl friends. Having…


Tantalising Tapas {Review – Paco, Bristol}

When going to a tapas restaurant, I think it’s important to pick your dining partners wisely. You pass on the friends who will order a lovely selection, for themselves. The ones who never learnt to share the croquettes or doesn’t…


Zany for Zotter’s {Review – Zotter’s Chocolate Factory, Austria}

How far would you travel for a certain food item? Down the road? To a city across the country? How about to another country? That’s what I did for chocolate. Not just any chocolate that you can get at your…


Museums and Mozart {Travel – Vienna, Austria}

I believe that I’m so lucky to live in Europe, that although you might have to waiting in a crowded airport lounge, we’re actually only a couple of hours flight away from such a vast array of countries and cultures…


Crispy Chinese Chicken {Recipe – Hoisin Chicken Wings}

The last and third recipe in this mini-series of the delicious world of chicken wings, Hoisin Chicken Wings. If you’ve missed the previous recipes for Korean Chicken Wings and Mexican Mole Chicken Wings, I’ll be doing a massive wing around…


Ola Mole Pollo {Recipe – Mexican Mole Sauce Chicken Wings}

We’re going down Mexican way for today’s chicken wing recipe. The ingredient list seems a bit long for a simple chicken wing sauce recipe, but trust me this mole sauce will be well worth the pottering around the kitchen collecting…


Fire Wings {Recipe – Korean Chicken Wings}

As part of the icebreaker at the beginning of any food tour I’m a guide a guide for, we go around the table, saying what our favourite food is. For any foodie, this can be a tough decision. I’ve had…


Calling All Carnivores! {Review – Meat Food Tour, Bristol}

I’m known for liking a chicken wing or three in my time. As well as a good rare steak. Or even a good charcuterie board. So when The Bristol Food Tour, who I’m a tour guide for, was looking to…

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