Working Through A Chocolate Mountain {Review – Week 1+2 Chocolate Advent Calendar}

Last year, I had a problem. A very good problem to have. I was swamped with craft bean to bar chocolate bars. Having a monthly subscription to Cocoa Runners, I had a stack of boxes full of beautiful bars that I didn’t have time to blog about but didn’t want to just scoff them without singing their praises. And my problem just grew after visiting for the first time The Chocolate Show, as I wasn’t going to... read more

Loco for Croquettes {Recipe – Serrano Ham and Manchego Croquettes}

I love croquettes. I really do. I mean I just got to have them if they’re on a menu. I think it the special combination of the golden crispy fried coating to be broken through to creamy gooey cheesy meaty centres. What’s not to love! I’ve always wanted to make them on my return from holidays in Spain but always put off the deep frying but I wasn’t going to be put off by that to... read more

Sunshine Spanish Snacks {Recipe – Savoury Churros with Manchego and Paprika}

I’m a big fan of tapas. I think it has something to do with getting to order a lot of different food to try and to satisfy your greed. I will also love hot churros with a scattering of cinnamon sugar. But wanted to make up savoury churros with plenty of Spanish flavours to take them to the next level. The churro mixture is made up the same as a sweet version but with the addition of some smoked paprika... read more

You Make Me Melt {Recipe – Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich}

Having been surround by all the delicious cheese at The Bristol Cheesemonger, I needed to share my ‘recipe’ for the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This isn’t a recipe as such more of an instruction of assembling delicious ingredients, applying heat to get yummy golden oozy cheesy results. It’s a mixture of classy and trashy ingredients and there’s no shame in that. The classy comes from the super sexy... read more

Cheese Dreams {Interview – The Bristol Cheesemonger & How to Build the Perfect Cheese Board}

Nestled amongst the shipping containers of Wapping Wharf at Bristol Harbour is a foodie heaven, one that is definitely one of my favourite spots in the city but I’m not alone in that as it has been voted and the winner of the Best Cheese Retailer in the UK for 2017. Greeted by the knowledgeable and smiley Rosie, The Bristol Cheesemonger, will take you on a cheese discovery of pungent wonder. Having known... read more

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