Breakfast Ice Cream (Toasted Almond Croissant Ice Cream)

Breakfast Ice Cream. Yes, you’ve heard right. Breakfast Ice Cream. You’re welcome. Toasted Almond Croissant Ice Cream. Chewy, Nutty, Creamy. Dreamy.

Who says that you can’t have a scoop or two of this beautiful ice cream for breakfast when the days are starting to heat up this Summer? That is if we get a Summer!

This is a really nice way to use up any spare almond croissants you might have lying around, ok so you might need to buy or make some extra croissants to make this ice cream. I added a touch of my dad’s honey to add a light floral note to the ice cream as well some toasted flaked almonds with a pinch of warming cinnamon to scattered over the top for some crunch.

What are you waiting for? It’s getting hot out there…so make this ice cream!

Almond Croissant Ice Cream (more…)

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Free Range Fun (Bluestone Resort, Pembrokeshire National Park)

The Summer holidays are near upon us, which means getting out into the sun and enjoying every last minute in the sun with the family. I was kindly invited to explore the stunning countryside of Pembrokeshire National Park by the team at Bluestone Resort. Well, who could say no to that offer?

We loaded up the car with treats, board games, and very muddy walking boots and set off towards the sunshine. Bluestone Resort is nestled in the beautiful incredible countryside, beaches, wildlife and history of the Pembrokeshire national park. Offering luxury holidays in a relaxed setting where you can roam, relax and have an adventure with your families and friends.

Having arrived early and not being able to get into our lodge straight away, we grabbed our swim kit and our appetites and headed to the super cute village center. Having been to other holiday resorts in the UK and aboard before, I was a tad wary as they tend to be a sensory overload with arcade games and music blaring from opposing direction with a multitude of theme places vying for you attention.

Bluestone has managed to make their village, an actual village. With a quaint bakery, pub and corner shop all next to a tree house playground and green were bunnies took in the afternoon sun.

2015-06-08 13.21.58 2015-06-08 13.22.34 (more…)

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Oh Captain My Captain (Captain Oddball’s Father Day Maltesers Fudge)

Oh Captain Oddball. Yesterday was Father’s Day  and would like to share with you the sheer force of awesomeness that is Captain Oddball, or more commonly known as my Dad.

I know that most people would say they have a special Dad, but I really do. And actually have the best Dad. He’s taught me some strong life lessons, such as ‘I wants never get’ especially when you throw a tantrum to get a KitKat…yes this happen climbing a hill when I was little. And no I didn’t get the KitKat after been stubborn- my Dad is more stubborn if that’s possible.

He is also a strong fashion icon to me and my brother, especially pulling off unique head wear that others wouldn’t go near…

PicMonkey Collage


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A Drop of Tonic (Elderbrook Cordial Tonics)

There are just some life points everyone knows they should do. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Eat less sugary treats. Get plenty of exercise. 8 hours of sleep every night. One that is the most important and the one most people struggle with is drinking enough water everyday.

Dull, boring water. There is no jazz hands to get excited about ploughing through glass after glass of tedious water.  Now there are squashes out there on the market but they tend to be fairly boring traditional flavours like orange or blackcurrant, packed with artificial sweeteners and flavours, far from the actual taste of nature.

Drumroll please…. I present to you Elderbrook Cordial Tonics! The first ever range of completely naturally sweetened cordials with added superfoods. The recipes have no added refined sugar – instead they use coconut blossom nectar and a touch of stevia to sweeten them, so they still taste great.  They come in three exciting flavours Lime, Mint, & Baobab; Mango, Passion Fruit, & Goji Berries and Raspberry, Cranberry, & Blueberries. A far cry from the boring squashes on the market I’m sure you can agree.


Elderbrook Cordial Tonics are sold on a subscription basis. Every fortnight, a beautiful little box containing one stylish 50ml glass bottle of one of their recipes will arrive through the post delivered to either your desk at work or your home. You can change your recipe as frequently as you like and they have big plans to introduce more in the very near future. (more…)

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Raising the Passion Levels (Passion Fruit Crumb Bars)

These golden bars have been on my to make list for awhile. I first had a lemon bar square in San Francisco in a small bakery and since then really wanted to recreate them with passion fruit juice rather than the traditional lemon. These beauties are hard to explain, a crisp firm almost shortbread base, with a gooey chewy tart topping, almost like a fruit brownie. Battle over the edge slices as they go super caramelised and chewy. The hardest part of this recipe is not eating the whole tray to yourself and waiting it to cool completely before tucking in.

IMG_7367 (more…)

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