Beautiful Brittany (Dinner at Le Petit Hotel du Grand Large)

With the weather starting developing to full blown British greyness, I’ve started reminiscing of warmer golden sun times. I’ve been a bad blogger again and went away to the fabulous Brittney in the Summer for some R&R as well as a bit of a digital detox (even though there may have been one or two pictures on my Instagram of my trip). The trip had come at the perfect time to get some sun on my vitamin D craving body as well as good food, wine and wholesome times.

I packed my little suitcase and headed to the Bay of Biscay where I had my parent’s smiley faces to greet me at the airport arrivals, having been enjoying themselves for a couple of weeks before I arrived, so had hunted out the best bakery and beach spot to recharge those batteries.

Since the programme Great British Bake Off Crème de la Crème, my dad has started to try his hand at making his own patisseries. I’m very proud and been getting some phone calls I thought I would never get from my Dad about blind baking pastry. So of course, we had to visit one or two patisserie shops for him to get ideas for his next creation and they didn’t disappoint! Just check out these beauties…

French Patisseries (more…)

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Bean to Bar Bumper Catch Up Post

I’m playing catch up big time at the moment. Currently, I have around 24 bars of glorious bean to bar chocolate that are dying to be tried. Granted, I could scoff the lot in a mass chocolate binge, however  when so much care and attention have gone into crafting such wonderful bars, you need to take your time.

My first parcel from the brilliant Cocoa Runners was looking at different recipes and texture.

My first bar was from a favourite producer Pump Street Bakery – Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60%

Nutty toasted nuggets from the rye, giving the bar an adult crunch to contrast against the creamy smooth milk. The subtle salt note to couple with maltiness of the rye to make this bar very enjoyable and likely to not last too long.

Pump Street Rye Chocolate Pump Street Bakery Rye Chocolate (more…)

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Taste Of London 2016 Edition

This is the fourth year I’ve blogged about Taste of London and my fifth time attending. Sure this post may be a month past the event, however, there were many dishes tasted at this year’s Taste of London that just needs to be shared. Taste of London is my favourite day of the foodie calendar and tends to hit the stalls as hard as possible to try out as many award-winning dishes, gather up new flavours, ideas and trends. And generally being super greedy!

FoodNerd at Taste of London (more…)

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Chocolate Bars Before Bros (Mast Brothers, London)

My cousin and I like to go on food adventures, they are better than normal adventures. When we found out that Mast Brothers, one of the founders of the bean to bar chocolate movement was opening a factory/shop/cafe/cool space in Shoreditch, London (naturally) we knew we had to pay it a visit. Making our way through the hipster capital of London, we came across the super clean and minimalist temple to chocolate.

Mast Brothers, London (more…)

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Falling Down The Rabbit Hole (Rabbit, Kings Road, London)

I’m very fortunate that my family gets on really well with my sister in laws family. A couple of weekend’s ago, I was invited to celebrate my sister-in-law’s Dad’s 60th birthday, which was lovely to celebrate with a big family. Having visited the Rolling Stones exhibit at Saatchi Gallery, where we wandered through all the glitzy costumes, drool worthy guitars and a 3D performance of the Stones at Hyde Park, we worked up quite the appetite. Gary had picked an absolute gem for his birthday meal…

Rabbit, Kings Road, London is focusing on all the good things in life, Seasonal British, Wild & Foraged produce to deliver some darn tasty food, just check out the menu below…

Rabbit Menu, Kings Road


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