Chomping At The Bit (CHOMP, Bristol)

I love meat. Maybe a bit more than is normally healthy. So when I hear of a nice new meaty place to try out I’m there before you can say, @Should I book a table?’

With the strap line – BEEF BEER BOURBON – I knew that CHOMP on St Nicholas Street in Bristol, that we would become firm friends.


As we were visiting during the Six Nations Rugby, there were six beers from each country to pick from.  Not going to lie I took an educated guess and then ordered based on the name of the beer – ‘Bitter & Twisted’ by Harviestoun based in Scotland. A great refreshing beer to gear us up for out meat feast, that may of vanished far too quickly….. And yes I poured it terribly…


Being a school night we might of been a tad naughty and got a round of Pickle Backs in. If you haven’t experienced a Pickle Back yet, then you are missing out in life. A shot of bourbon then a shot of pickle juice, yep that’s right pickle juice.  As in the juice you get around pickles. This beauty was a shot of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Benchmark 40% with pickle juice. The juice cleanses the fire of the bourbon with it’s salty deliciousness.

IMG_6878 IMG_6879

Enough of the drinks, let’s move on to the meaty treats….


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A Very Happy New Year – Cocoa Runners January Parcel

Yep that’s right, a post about amazing chocolate I received from Cocoa Runners back in January. Yes I am a bad blogger. Especially as there were four new fantastic bars to tuck into. A parcel arranged to introduce a new maker as well as bars picked to bring out some winter sun, which based on our current weather, the bars are still very appropriate.

Firstly the new maker on the scene – Chocolarder Using single estate family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and Dominican Republic beans to produce clean and very special bean to bar bars. Based in Cornwall they also carefully select local ingredients to include in their bars such as Cornish Honeycomb and wild gorse flowers which are handpicked from around Cornwall’s coast and steeped in cocoa butter for several weeks to impart their heady scent. I had their Peruvian Dark to try out in my parcel. A lovely warming bar with a slight honey note at the back. Not the smoothest bar but I enjoy the mouthfeel as it helps develop and round the intensity of the bar. A beautiful bar and can’t wait to try some of their other bars soon. IMG_6998 IMG_7000

Akesson’s Bali Sukrama Farms 45% with Fleur De Sel and Coconut Blossom Sugar may be one of my new favourite bars. Unusually made from cocoa from Bali and with coconut blossom sugar, which was a new ingredient for me. Made with natural sugar produced from the juice of coconut blossom, harvested by gently slicing the flower. Once collected, the nectars are kettle-boiled into a thick caramel and ground to a fine crystal. This sugar has one of the lowest glycemic index (3 times less than cane sugar). A dreamy bar with an intense caramel flavour which makes you look at the ingredient to see where the caramel is coming from. Flakes of the fleur de sel breaks up the caramelised flavour but takes it to the next level with the sweetness from the coconut blossom sugar. Truly interesting bar to experience and one I hope to repeat often!IMG_7001 IMG_7002 (more…)

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Udon The One I Want (Sticks and Broth, Bristol)

There has been an explosion of new restaurants in Bristol for an exciting bunny like myself to try. One of the new additions that has been on my list to try for ages is Sticks and Broth on Baldwin Street in the centre of Bristol. In the style of a traditional ramen bar but decked with some of the coolest light shades ever!!


Tucking into the menu, there was a starter we just had to try, Pork dumplings with soy and black vinegar. I looooooooooove pork dumpling!! There are never enough of these beauties but eyeing up the steaming bowls of broth going past, they aided in our appetite for noddles!

IMG_6805 (more…)

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Romantic City Getaway in A Box (Paul A Young’s City Truffles)

Valentines Day might have been last month but a girl can always dream to be whisked away to a far off land for a romantic getaway. The closest I can get to that at the moment is tucking into Paul A Young Romantic City truffles that were limited edition for Valentines Day. Having been to quite a few of the selected cities I was excited to see whether Paul had managed to capture the charm and wonder of a city in chocolate form and I was not disappointed …at all.


Kicking of with the romance capital of the world- Paris – Fontaine Absinthe, lump sugar and water, Valrhona 64% Dominican Republic chocolate. The medicinal note from the Absinthe with the deep chocolate makes for a delicious truffle with the granulated sugar giving a great crunch to the silken smooth ganache underneath.IMG_6978

I left my heart in New York – Vanilla cheesecake, Valrhona White chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla bean, digestive biscuit, Valrhona 72% Venezulean chocolate. My cousin had tried one of these before and got very annoyed at her husband that he had finished the last one as it was so good. I knew I had to have one! Crumbly oaty biscuit with an insane vanilla note from the dreamy creamy cheesecake layer. One truffle that I hope stays around.PicMonkey Collage1

One of my happy places is walking the orange tree lined streets of Seville, with the sun warming the surface releasing their sweet fragrance. Seville – Marmalade ganache, toasted almonds, Valrhona 64% Madaagascan. The tang from the marmalade paired with the earthy almonds makes me want to hum Carmen all day long!PicMonkey Collage2 (more…)

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I Would Walk 500 Miles To Have…A Roast (The Ginger Fox, Brighton)

My brother and sister in law have recently moved to Brighton from London so I’ve been having fun when visiting them discovering a whole new area of great foodie places. A few weeks ago I visited with a couple of our friends, one of which brought my brother a beautiful house warming present of a super creepy china doll. This doll followed me around the whole weekend. I would go to the loo and she would be outside. I would go to the kitchen and she was keeping the prosecco safe. Creepy as hell.


On the Sunday we set out for a walk along Devils Dyke to work up an appetite for our Sunday lunch extravaganza.  Now normally on these walks I tend not to have the most appropriate footwear, just some flip flops for a seven mile country walk. Not this time- I had full on walking boots as we were following my brother and his friends directions which may of lead us over some gates and through some horse fields that we shouldn’t have crossed. I may of nearly lost both my boots to the great muddy fields we crossed. I don’t think we even got to Devils Dyke proper. But that didn’t matter as we had lined up an epic roast.


I may agree with the art in the pub…

IMG_0583 (more…)

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